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30 sec movie

Here is the concept for the ad of Tesla Model S. Enjoy!


Our process

We made three scripts and chose script 1 to elaborate.
This script focusses on visuals, where the other two focus on sound.

Because the available time to elaborate this concept is very short, we chose to make the 30 seconds movie with stop-motion.

The following pictures show how we made the movie. We used images and cut these out, then scanned them and edited them in photoshop.
Together with some sound files we made a nice movie which you can see in our next post.


3 Elaborate Scripts

Script 1

Focus: speed, family, green

Style: feminine

Actor: a couple, 3 children, one dog

30 sec.

[00.00-05.00] (Sound of elephant(or other animals) )Outside the house, three children run and shouts “Go to the zoo! ”. Dad and Mum are smiling. Dog is excited. (Sound of dog and children)

 [05.00-9.00] They get into the car (sound of close door) and settle safety bell.  Conversation between family. (Daughter: Dad, are you the fastest? Dad: of course. I am superman.  ) Start the car.(Sound of engine)

[9.00-11.00] Focussing on face of father. Accelerate the car. (sound of acceleration) the speedometer changes

[11.00-12.00] View from the front seat to outside: Green trees and flowers. (Start of children’s song: green earth)

 [12.00-18.00] View of children and dog: smile. Some trees and plants grow inside. Fresh air in the car (background music of children’s song, whoa of children)

[18.00-22.00] The children find one jaguar running outside. They wave at the jaguar. (background music and whoa of children: “jaguar”)

[22.00-25.00] The face of father, excited and competing. He accelerates the car and left the jaguar behind. (The sound of accelerate)

[25.00-28.00] The car arrives. Suddenly stops. (the sound of brake. “Yeah” of children. ) The door opens. (Sound of door.) A bird files out of the car. View from the sky to the car.

[28.00-30.00] black screen. Outline of the car. One sentence. (Tesla S, future…)

Script 2

Focus: silence, family, speed

Style: masculine

30 sec.

[00.00-05.00] closing front door, parents, 3 children, dog and baby make a lot of exciting noise, they walk to the car and doors are opened (black screen with the tesla logo and sign that doors are opened)

[05.00-8.00] destination is typed in in the navigation, navigation speaks ‘time to zoo is estimated to 2 hours and 33 min, roads are not busy’ children yell. (some sort of navigation icon appears, tesla logo is still there, sign of doors disappears)

[08.00-12.00] engine is started, everybody turns silent. (speedometer appears)

[12.00-15.00] speed is increased from 0 to 30 km/hour, sound level stays the same (speedometer changes)

[15.00-18.00] speed is increased to 120 km/hour really fast, sound level stays the same (speedometer changes)

[18.00-26.00] song is played while you hear the sound of the car in the background. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.” Some product information is given by a voice (music gets softer), from 0 to 100 in 5.6 sec, 7 seats, electric car. (speedometer disappears and you will see the family all quiet, baby sleeping, mom driving, 3 children, 1 dog, they are smiling).

[26.00-30.00] Tesla Model S, the electric car that offers you a green future is said by a male voice.


Script 3

Focus: Speed, safe, quite

Style: masculine

30 sec

[00.00-00.01] (Door open and shut)

[00.01-00.05] Woman: Oh you did it? The seed of hope

[00.05-00.10] Man: Yes (Breathe) Let’s go back home

[00.10-00.13] (Sounds of engine, speedometer shown on the screen)

[00.13-00.20] (Scream of crowds, Helicopter noise, explosive sound, collapsing sound of buildings, Barks of guns, and other sound clips from disaster film, mixed with voice like “run, run, run!” “Oh” depends on which film we will use)

[00.20-00.22] (Quite, Man’s deep breathe)

[00.22-00.24] Woman (Happy voice): My dear, we are saved!

[00.24-00.28] Man (smiles and kisses his wife): Sure. Don’t wake up the baby.

[00.28-00.30] (The image and logo of Tesla model S shown on the screen, with a sentence: Tesla model S, future…)


Decisions refering to the feedback on the first presentation

Feedback from Alex:

Main problem: Target group selection

Tesla Model S (35.000euro) is too expensive for an ordinary young father aged 35 years old in the Netherlands. And the chosen potential customers who could earn 80.000 euros per year are very few.


1. Adjusting the target group:

young father; 40-50 years old; well-paid job and long-term orientation (for example, managers in Uniliver); above 40.000 euros family anual income; two or three children; care about the health of his family.

2. Advertising concept:


Change beliefs of nonusers of electric car ( It is an investment for the future, better protector for the health and environment)

Persude potential customers into buying Tesla Model S (Green; high performance; nice shape; big cargo place)


Masculine; metal, steel, fast driving car, detail of technology, competitor with animals, engine makes a lot of noise, strong, family, fresh and clean air


Animation; Real film; Stop motion; Radio play

Because of financial and technical limitation, it’s not possible for us to make a real film for the assignment. And it’s also unusual to present a cartoon-like style animation as a car advertisment which is targeting a group aged above 40. Thus the last two forms seem to be more proper for our ad.


Concept 1: car enters environment and environment reacts on clean car (eg change into green)

Concept 2: level of battery as a wave, show distance with it, eat for 45 min, family has lunch

Concept 3: drive the whole day, environment changes (sun rise, till sun set) everything the car passes changes into green. In the end they will reach the lake, set up the tent and charge the car and enjoy their family time. (Masculine, green, high performance)

Concept 4:Father, mother, 3 children.  A trip to the zoo. It focuses on inside of the car. The dog is in the cargo space. The children are laughing. When they drive, the trees and flowers grow inside the car, family enjoy the fresh air. When they stops, one bird flies from the car. There is a jaguar running next to the car. The dad is competing with the jaguar and the children are obsessed by the jaguar. Gt

Concept 5: Do not make pictorial but textual and vocal presentation. Think about a story that could be told by sound, also with some text on the screen. Possible plots: The speedometer on the screen shows that the car is starting, accelerating, and slowing down. You could hear tiny noise of engine and a line of words: the baby is sleeping well.

Three Concepts with elaborations

Concept A

This advertisement focuses on the performance of the car and the driving experience of the man besides from environmental friendly feature. The story develops in a masculine way, and it is about great engine, fast driving, technology, strong, and aggressive. It shows some scenes of car running in different places according to time change.

Act 1: In the morning, a man gets into the car and starts the car. The car gives out loud noise of engine and accelerates quickly.

Act 2: The car is running on one road surrounded by a lot of trees. The trees are gray because of air pollution and worse environment. When car passes, the trees grows green, which indicates the car helps to green earth.

Act 3: The car is running in the city. It is surrounded by modern buildings, which indicates the owner of the car is among high-salary people.

Act 4: It is in the afternoon, the car runs in the desert. The sun is blazing, and the car runs stable.

Act 5: The car runs in the forest, and it is competing with running animals.

Act 6: Finally, the car stops in the beach. One family comes out from the car. There is charge service in the beach and says 45 minutes to finish.

Concept B

The family is on their way to the zoo. The ad focuses on the inside of the car and the family time. The dog is in the cargo space. The children are laughing. When they drive, the trees and flowers grow inside the car, and the family enjoys the fresh air. There is a jaguar running next to the car. The dad is competing with the jaguar and the children are obsessed by the jaguar. When they stop, a bird flies out of the car.

Act 1: The family in front of their luxurious house are ready to go to the zoo.

Act 2: Family is happy in the car, children laughing, dog in the car, mother looking at the children, dad smiling.

Act 3: plants and flowers grow in the car, everybody smells the clean air.

Act 4: Dad is competing with all the animals of the zoo.

Act 5: The family arrives at the entrance of the zoo, a bird flies out of the car.

Concept C

This advertisement focuses on the family and the silence of the car. A little bit of attention is paid to the time that a car can drive. It especially works with sounds and the visuals are really simple.

Act 1

Visual: Black Screen

Sound: A family enters a car, doors are opening and closing

Act 2

Visual: A speedometer lights up, speed 0

Sound: dad starts engine, soft sound, children sound in the background, sound of navigation system (“Final destination; the lake house takes 4 hours and 6 min”)

Act 3

Visual: speedometer changes to 110 miles/hour

Sound: bit rumbling, but baby is still quiet a sleep, in the end you will hear the baby song

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky.”

First presentation

Product Description

zero-emission sports car, all-electric, 7 seats, 45 minutes charging time, 195 kmh, from 0 to 96 kmh in 5.6 seconds, $50,000 US

Advantage: Fashion, environment-friendly, high-performance, big cargo place

Disadvantage: Low payback for the customer because of low price of gasoline and high price of the car

Personal Model S

Persona Model S


Target Group

Objective description

Gender:  Male      Age: 35-50     Education: Bachelor or above       Family Income: 80,000 Euro/Year

The Model S is designed for young families. However, probably male customers will buy it more than woman based on its performance: it is able to go from 0 till 66 miles in 5.6 seconds. The target group can be fathers, aging from 35 to 50 years old, who have at least two children.

The most distinctive feature of Model S is that it’s a green car. And purchase is quite expensive because the unique dynamic system, but the usage is much cheaper. Probably only high educated, forward thinking people will buy this car.

The price of the car with one battery pack is $49,900 (€33,763.5). Considering about the price of the car, only family with great income will buy the car.

People in this age range must have some brand loyalty. They trust in brand which presents an image of high quality, great performance and lasting usage. While Tesla is one brand which only develop and produce electric cars, and it is an advantage for building the trust to Target group: an expert in electric car.

For consumer pattern, target group spend more money on education, clothe and travel rather than food. The target users like family activity thus they need a lot of seats as well as cargo space in the car. And there might be some pets in the family to accompany the children.

Subjective description

Green life, family-oriented, healthy life, family time

Lifestyle: The target group must value family activity and excursion; otherwise this car with 7 seats will be useless. They are not workaholic, and prefer to spend time with family rather than the career. Besides, the target group has a desire for healthy life. They have a consciousness of protecting the environment and getting close to nature.

Interests: The target group must have interest in fashion, and the appearance of Model S won’t be wasted. And they might also have some interests in film/theater, because this can be activity for one family. As common people, they might have interests in sports and magazines.

Value: Personal values guide users’ behavior. And for the target group of Model S, we think they value responsibility, love, peaceful world, ambition and happiness.

How to reach target group

The advertisement can be put in TV, in male magazines and on radios as other ads. To be special, they can be put in the start of some family movie to attract attention of whole family. Besides, in some events of environmentalists the company can also pay to be sponsor, and put the ads to get attention of environmentalists.

Competition analysis

Market segmentation:

–             Product form competition

On this level, competitive products are those which “look” similar to Tesla Model S and have most common features with it.

It could be: family electric car, Family car with other green energy resources (100%)

Possible competitors:

 Nissan Leaf Hatchback – electric family car, five seats, price around $32, 780

Picture from:


 Chevrolet Volt – electric family car, five seats, price around $32, 780

Picture from:

 Citroën C-ZEROelectric family car, five seats, price around $35,350

Picture fro:

–             Product category completion

On this level, competitive products are those which have similar feature to Tesla Model S and fulfill the needs of the same target group of it.

It could be: Family car, environment-friendly vehicles

Possible competitors:

–             Generic competition

On this level, competitive products are those which could fulfill the needs of the same target consumer group of Model S.

It could be: sports car, SUV, motorbike, other transportation tools like train and plane

Possible competitors:

–             Budget competition

On this level, the definition of competition is much wider than the first three levels. Competition is based on the budget of target consumer group.

It could be: green energy electronics, sports center, golf clubs, organic food brands, educaion, financial investment, fashion brands and so on.

Possible competitors:

Future Competitors Analysis

Because electric car is a pretty new category in the automotive market, the biggest competition comes from Generic competition level. After five or ten years, when electric car has been widely accepted by the customers and step into the growth stage of life cycle, the main competition would move to the product form and category level.

That means when we design an advertisement for Tesla model S, we should first attract people into electric car category, then we persude them to buy our car. It is not wise to set other electric car brands as our main competitors for now, but those gasoline-fueled family cars with popular brands.