Made by Green fashion

3 Elaborate Scripts

Script 1

Focus: speed, family, green

Style: feminine

Actor: a couple, 3 children, one dog

30 sec.

[00.00-05.00] (Sound of elephant(or other animals) )Outside the house, three children run and shouts “Go to the zoo! ”. Dad and Mum are smiling. Dog is excited. (Sound of dog and children)

 [05.00-9.00] They get into the car (sound of close door) and settle safety bell.  Conversation between family. (Daughter: Dad, are you the fastest? Dad: of course. I am superman.  ) Start the car.(Sound of engine)

[9.00-11.00] Focussing on face of father. Accelerate the car. (sound of acceleration) the speedometer changes

[11.00-12.00] View from the front seat to outside: Green trees and flowers. (Start of children’s song: green earth)

 [12.00-18.00] View of children and dog: smile. Some trees and plants grow inside. Fresh air in the car (background music of children’s song, whoa of children)

[18.00-22.00] The children find one jaguar running outside. They wave at the jaguar. (background music and whoa of children: “jaguar”)

[22.00-25.00] The face of father, excited and competing. He accelerates the car and left the jaguar behind. (The sound of accelerate)

[25.00-28.00] The car arrives. Suddenly stops. (the sound of brake. “Yeah” of children. ) The door opens. (Sound of door.) A bird files out of the car. View from the sky to the car.

[28.00-30.00] black screen. Outline of the car. One sentence. (Tesla S, future…)

Script 2

Focus: silence, family, speed

Style: masculine

30 sec.

[00.00-05.00] closing front door, parents, 3 children, dog and baby make a lot of exciting noise, they walk to the car and doors are opened (black screen with the tesla logo and sign that doors are opened)

[05.00-8.00] destination is typed in in the navigation, navigation speaks ‘time to zoo is estimated to 2 hours and 33 min, roads are not busy’ children yell. (some sort of navigation icon appears, tesla logo is still there, sign of doors disappears)

[08.00-12.00] engine is started, everybody turns silent. (speedometer appears)

[12.00-15.00] speed is increased from 0 to 30 km/hour, sound level stays the same (speedometer changes)

[15.00-18.00] speed is increased to 120 km/hour really fast, sound level stays the same (speedometer changes)

[18.00-26.00] song is played while you hear the sound of the car in the background. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.” Some product information is given by a voice (music gets softer), from 0 to 100 in 5.6 sec, 7 seats, electric car. (speedometer disappears and you will see the family all quiet, baby sleeping, mom driving, 3 children, 1 dog, they are smiling).

[26.00-30.00] Tesla Model S, the electric car that offers you a green future is said by a male voice.


Script 3

Focus: Speed, safe, quite

Style: masculine

30 sec

[00.00-00.01] (Door open and shut)

[00.01-00.05] Woman: Oh you did it? The seed of hope

[00.05-00.10] Man: Yes (Breathe) Let’s go back home

[00.10-00.13] (Sounds of engine, speedometer shown on the screen)

[00.13-00.20] (Scream of crowds, Helicopter noise, explosive sound, collapsing sound of buildings, Barks of guns, and other sound clips from disaster film, mixed with voice like “run, run, run!” “Oh” depends on which film we will use)

[00.20-00.22] (Quite, Man’s deep breathe)

[00.22-00.24] Woman (Happy voice): My dear, we are saved!

[00.24-00.28] Man (smiles and kisses his wife): Sure. Don’t wake up the baby.

[00.28-00.30] (The image and logo of Tesla model S shown on the screen, with a sentence: Tesla model S, future…)



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