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Three Concepts with elaborations

Concept A

This advertisement focuses on the performance of the car and the driving experience of the man besides from environmental friendly feature. The story develops in a masculine way, and it is about great engine, fast driving, technology, strong, and aggressive. It shows some scenes of car running in different places according to time change.

Act 1: In the morning, a man gets into the car and starts the car. The car gives out loud noise of engine and accelerates quickly.

Act 2: The car is running on one road surrounded by a lot of trees. The trees are gray because of air pollution and worse environment. When car passes, the trees grows green, which indicates the car helps to green earth.

Act 3: The car is running in the city. It is surrounded by modern buildings, which indicates the owner of the car is among high-salary people.

Act 4: It is in the afternoon, the car runs in the desert. The sun is blazing, and the car runs stable.

Act 5: The car runs in the forest, and it is competing with running animals.

Act 6: Finally, the car stops in the beach. One family comes out from the car. There is charge service in the beach and says 45 minutes to finish.

Concept B

The family is on their way to the zoo. The ad focuses on the inside of the car and the family time. The dog is in the cargo space. The children are laughing. When they drive, the trees and flowers grow inside the car, and the family enjoys the fresh air. There is a jaguar running next to the car. The dad is competing with the jaguar and the children are obsessed by the jaguar. When they stop, a bird flies out of the car.

Act 1: The family in front of their luxurious house are ready to go to the zoo.

Act 2: Family is happy in the car, children laughing, dog in the car, mother looking at the children, dad smiling.

Act 3: plants and flowers grow in the car, everybody smells the clean air.

Act 4: Dad is competing with all the animals of the zoo.

Act 5: The family arrives at the entrance of the zoo, a bird flies out of the car.

Concept C

This advertisement focuses on the family and the silence of the car. A little bit of attention is paid to the time that a car can drive. It especially works with sounds and the visuals are really simple.

Act 1

Visual: Black Screen

Sound: A family enters a car, doors are opening and closing

Act 2

Visual: A speedometer lights up, speed 0

Sound: dad starts engine, soft sound, children sound in the background, sound of navigation system (“Final destination; the lake house takes 4 hours and 6 min”)

Act 3

Visual: speedometer changes to 110 miles/hour

Sound: bit rumbling, but baby is still quiet a sleep, in the end you will hear the baby song

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky.”


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