Made by Green fashion

First presentation

Product Description

zero-emission sports car, all-electric, 7 seats, 45 minutes charging time, 195 kmh, from 0 to 96 kmh in 5.6 seconds, $50,000 US

Advantage: Fashion, environment-friendly, high-performance, big cargo place

Disadvantage: Low payback for the customer because of low price of gasoline and high price of the car

Personal Model S

Persona Model S


Target Group

Objective description

Gender:  Male      Age: 35-50     Education: Bachelor or above       Family Income: 80,000 Euro/Year

The Model S is designed for young families. However, probably male customers will buy it more than woman based on its performance: it is able to go from 0 till 66 miles in 5.6 seconds. The target group can be fathers, aging from 35 to 50 years old, who have at least two children.

The most distinctive feature of Model S is that it’s a green car. And purchase is quite expensive because the unique dynamic system, but the usage is much cheaper. Probably only high educated, forward thinking people will buy this car.

The price of the car with one battery pack is $49,900 (€33,763.5). Considering about the price of the car, only family with great income will buy the car.

People in this age range must have some brand loyalty. They trust in brand which presents an image of high quality, great performance and lasting usage. While Tesla is one brand which only develop and produce electric cars, and it is an advantage for building the trust to Target group: an expert in electric car.

For consumer pattern, target group spend more money on education, clothe and travel rather than food. The target users like family activity thus they need a lot of seats as well as cargo space in the car. And there might be some pets in the family to accompany the children.

Subjective description

Green life, family-oriented, healthy life, family time

Lifestyle: The target group must value family activity and excursion; otherwise this car with 7 seats will be useless. They are not workaholic, and prefer to spend time with family rather than the career. Besides, the target group has a desire for healthy life. They have a consciousness of protecting the environment and getting close to nature.

Interests: The target group must have interest in fashion, and the appearance of Model S won’t be wasted. And they might also have some interests in film/theater, because this can be activity for one family. As common people, they might have interests in sports and magazines.

Value: Personal values guide users’ behavior. And for the target group of Model S, we think they value responsibility, love, peaceful world, ambition and happiness.

How to reach target group

The advertisement can be put in TV, in male magazines and on radios as other ads. To be special, they can be put in the start of some family movie to attract attention of whole family. Besides, in some events of environmentalists the company can also pay to be sponsor, and put the ads to get attention of environmentalists.


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