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The target group

The target group for the ad of the Tesla Model S is people who want to buy a family car, a sedan with a lot of cargo space (more than typical sedans, since there is no engine that takes place). They also need a lot of seats, since there are 5 adult seats and 2 children seats. So the target group is a large family with 3 or more children.

The target group is young families since there are 2 children seats and these young families drive around a lot and with a green car they can save a lot of money on fuel. Another advantage of Model S is that you get $7.500 tax return. It is no problem to use the car for a holiday. Since the car is available with 1 till 3 battery packs (160 miles (257 km), 230 miles (370 km) or 300 miles (482 km)). And the charging takes only 45 min.

The price of the car with one battery pack is $49,900 (€33,763.5). The initial investment is quite large, so only the wealthier people can buy this car. Because it is a green car the purchase is quite expensive, but the usage is much cheaper, probably only high educated, forward thinking people will buy this car.

Model S also focuses on performance a lot, this is why probably male customers will buy it more than woman. It is able to go from 0 till 66  miles in 5.6 seconds. It has a 17 inch touchscreen and 3G connectivity. There is also a focus on safety, but it is not as  much the focus as on performance. Model S is engineered with the intent to achieve 2012 5-star NHTSA safety ratings. So probably the young dad (35 years old) with three or more children will buy the car.


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